Chasing The Alexa Rank

1,557,883 >>2,844,915
I think it will be easy to decrease the number as long as I update everyday. In fact, it's not that easy.
Since April I decided to update my blog every single day. I want to make my alexa rank into 500,000.

Chasing the alexa rank is a complicated long journey. There are some ways to follow but I got headache. Why? It's not simple as writing and posting. I have to know and apply SEO tips. I should make my IP address crawled by or

Chasing the perfect alexa rank is like dating with Mr. President's daughter. I must be ready with rules and bodyguards

Then I put the white flag in front of my blog's door.

Just keep on writing and posting without any burden on chasing the perfect alexa rank. I believe in the power of writing to make my brain stay healthy. Prevent alzheimer or OCD or bipolar!

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